Dear visitors,
The publishing house of our Institute, starting in the autumn of 2013, plans to re-publish the following works of Prof. Kazimierz Popielski, all dedicated to the continuation of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy (V.E. Frankl), known as Noo-Psychotheory and Noo-Psychotherapy.

  1. K. Popielski: ”The Noetic Dimension of Personality”.
  2. K. Popielski: ”A Method of the Analysis of Existential Concepts. Graphical Methods.”
  3. K. Popielski / L. Suchocka: ”Schultz Autogenic Training”.
  4. K. Popielski: ”Noo-Psychosomatics. A New Approach to Health Issues and Diseases”.

Currently, we can offer you one work by Prof. Popielski:
”Psychotherapy in Search of Authenticity: Noo-Theory and Noo-Therapy.” Lublin 2012. Price: PLN 20.

To purchase any of these books, please complete the purchase form and mail it to