Kinesis system EEG Bio-Feedback Therapy

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The system is used to conduct the method of biofeedback training in the field of:

  • EEG Bio-Feedback
  • EMG Bio-Feedback (muscle biofeedback)
  • EKG Bio-Feedback (cardiological biofeedback)

Primary head (4 channels)

sprzet3 Electrode for the elimination of artifacts
sprzet4 Cap for placing electrodes in C3 and C4 points
sprzet45 Set EKGBiofeedback (Cardiology)
sprzet5 Electrodes for EEGBiofedback


EEGBiofeedback – view from therapist screen


Sample relaxation slide (on the left, there is the possibility to choose the slides, the music, or the video).


Sample games for attention focusing







The kit includes:

No Name Amount
1 Kinesis head, permitting the registration of four EEG channels, two EMG channels and ECG channel 1
2 USB cable 1
3 Full set of EEG electrodes (pushbuttons) 8
4 Interfaces for EEG electrodes (pushbuttons) 6
5 Wire connected to EEG electrodes 2
6 Registration tape for EEG electrodes plus tape for the electrodes to eliminate artifacts 2+2
7 Shared electrode to eliminate artifacts 2
8 Wire to general EMG electrodes 2
9 EMG electrode set (for fixing on skin) 6
10 Output wire for EMG electrodes 2
11 Electrodes for EEG cap 5
12 One-use EMG electrode pack (30 pieces) 2
13 ECG limb electrodes (clips) 4
14 Output wire for ECG electrodes 2
15 Cap for the stiffening of the EEG electrodes 2
16 Electrode gel 1
17 Dosage syringe for electrode gel
18 Self-adhesive tape for fixing electrodes 1
19 Program (DVD) 1
20 Passport 1
21 Instruction manual 1
22 User manual for program 1
23 Instructions for using the EEG Biofeedback and EMG Biofeedback method 2
24 Packaging box 1

Additional information

  • 36-month warranty
  • We guarantee technical support
  • Electrodes are simply placed on the tape, no gel needed.
  • Automatic removal of artifacts coming from the patient’s body
  • Powered by computer USB
  • EEG Biofeedback allows you to conduct relaxation trainings (Training Alpha) as well as the improvement of cognitive processing skills (Training Beta)
  • The program is open, with elegant graphics, music, and video games; there is the possibility of adding slides, music, or videos yourself, depending on the profile and the needs of the patient
  • Intuitive program and database use, with the possibility to save results, reproductions, and analyses.
  • Producers are currently working on a 3D version.

Because of this, the equipment gives you more therapeutic options, and it is possible to conduct the following types of training:

  • mental health
  • relaxation training
  • training for the correction of cognitive disorders
  • training for cardio-patients
  • training for patients after muscle traumas (the EMG system allows you to train 30 different kinds of muscles)

Technical parameters for the Kinesis system

Head of Kinesis equipment (EEG Biofeedback)

Number of channels 4
Frequencies 0-10 Hz
Discredition of each channel 40 kHz
Noise < 1 mkB
Amplitude range of registered channels 0,1 mkB – 200 mB
The range of dynamics 100 dc
Discharge 24
The adjustment range (harmonization) 0-1 kHz, 1 Hz-10 kHz
Filter for certain wave frequencies 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz, 200 Hz, 250 Hz
Electrostatic discharge mechanism 15 kB
Power supply +5 B (USB)
Dimensions 225x220x72 mm

EMG Biofeedback channels

Number of channels 2
Frequencies: 10-400 hz
Amplitude range: +/- 50 mkB – +/- 5 mB

EKG Biofeedback channel

Number of channels 1
Frequencies: 1-30 Hz
Amplitude range: +/- 10 mkB – +/- 500 mkB

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