Certified Bio-Feedback Course

  • This course will enable the participants to carry out the diagnosis, therapy, and training using the methods of Biofeedback and EEG Bio-Feedback.
  • It covers both the theoretical foundations of the methods of the Bio-Feedback program and the practical skills necessary for working with this method: recognition and diagnosis of various types of disorders, conducting therapy and training, and the interpretation of results.
  • The participants will receive a certificate entitling them to conduct EEG Bio-Feedback therapy.
  • The course is held by a team of psychotherapists, psychologists, and neurologists.
    Scope of this course:
  • An integrated approach to health problems, disorders, and diseases, based on the noo-psychosomatic concepts developed by Prof. Popielski.
  • “Mind and body” medicine.
  • An overview of disorders including: ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, dysgraphia, reaction to stress, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, noo-psychosomatic disorders. Symptoms, diagnosis, therapy.
  • The basics of the EEG Bio-Feedback method: history, underlying assumptions, and applications.
  • The fundamentals of neuroanatomy: the base of the topography of the brain, and the neuroanatomical structure. Brain dysfunctions.
  • The use of Neurofeedback in the treatment of disorders.
  • Brain waves: types, frequency, artifacts.
  • Introduction to the practical application of EEG Bio-Feedback: psychological interview, preparation for training, treatment plan, marking the fundamental points, setting the electrodes.
  • Practical workshops (25 hours).