Schultz Autogenic Training Certified Course

Scientific manager and trainer:
Prof. Assoc. Dr. H. C. Kazimierz Popielski, certified student of K. Thomas

The teaching methods of this course are based on the methods used by the last student of J. Schultz, K. Thomas (Berlin).
Autogenic training is a method that has a wide range of applications in psychotherapy in the treatment of, among others, neurotic disorders, psychosomatic disorders on an existential level (i.e., noogenic neuroses), for the treatment of sleeping disorders, or headaches. It works well as a method in everyday life: it reduces stress and improves the psycho-physical condition.
Autogenic training can be used both by children (min 6 years old) and adults.

The course includes:

  • Theoretical background of Autogenic Training
  • Recommendations and contraindications of the method
  • The ability to conduct the training both individually and collectively

The course includes teaching and instruction of Autogenic Training for:

  • The basic level (classes: a sense of gravity, a sense of warmth, breathing, heartbeat, solar plexus and cool forehead)
  • Analysis of the psyche (i.e., thematic visualization exercises).

Completion of the course will entitle participants to work with this method and its application in clinical practice (psychological and psychotherapeutic).