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of the Institute of Biofeedback and Noo-Psychosomatics

The Institute is dedicated to scientific research, developing the direction of research and thought of the psychotherapist Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. hab. Kazimierz Popielski and following the ideas of Viktor Emil Frankl, the creator of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy: Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.
Noo-Theory, Noo-Psychotherapy and Noo-Psychosomatics is a form of continuation and further development of psychological Logotheory. This field of knowledge and its theoretical and empirical applications was operationalised by Professor K. Popielski.

EEG Biofeedback

This is a therapeutic and diagnostic tool used in so-called “mind-body therapy”, also referred to as “self-regulation therapy”. The method is based on the principle of biofeedback, a method by which a person receives feedback about the changes and biological functions of the brain.

EEG Biofeedback has the following applications:

  • It allows healthy persons to learn faster and concentrate better, improves their memory and attention, positively affects their creativity and lets them achieve better results in sports, music, or in learning a foreign language.
  • With children and adolescents who have problems at school, the method is used to improve their learning results by treating specific learning disorders (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.). It is also used to treat attention and behavioral disorders (for example, ADHD, impulsivity, aggression, anxiety, etc.).
  • Adults with the following problems can also be treated using Biofeedback: sleeping disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, chronic headaches and migraines, various addictions (such as gambling, alcoholism, or drug addiction), chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic stress.
  • The EEG Biofeedback method also takes place in the rehabilitation of cognitive functions after traumatic brain injury, stroke, surgery, etc.


Noo-Psychosomatics expands the understanding and diagnosis of disorders and problems which are limited only to psycho-somatic explanations.
This approach is based on the acceptance of the idea of the specific genesis of problems, omissions, developmental difficulties or life crises of human beings, as related to the needs of the “noetic dimension of existence”, a dimension only found in human beings. The noetic dimension of existence involves, among other things, a commitment to life through the realisation of values, experiencing a sense of meaning in life, and the realization of need for freedom, dignity, responsibility, hope and others.

The Institute’s scientific activities include:

  • Certified training in the field of logotherapeutical psychotherapy (specialisation in: Integral Psychotherapy and Noo-Psychotherapy).
  • Certified Bio-Feedback training.
  • Supervision in the field of Logotherapy (specialisation: Integral Psychotherapy and Noo-Psychotherapy).
  • Scientific research.

The Institute’s practical activities include:

  • Providing EEG Bio-Feedback therapy and psychotherapy.
  • Distribution of specialised EEG Biofeedback equipment.
  • Organisation of scientific conferences and meetings.
  • Editing the scientific journal “Noo-Psychosomatics & Bio-Feedback”.
  • Scientific publishing.